“Why do you have to leave?” What happens when the money runs out

“Why do you have to leave?”  A student asked one of our trainers as we ran a final goodbye capoeira class after 20 weeks of training.  “You live in Amman, you can come here.”

The student, she couldn’t leave.  She is a Syrian Refugee living in Azraq Refugee Camp.  Her world is  outlined by the security fence that snakes around the camp.  Checkpoints guard who gets in and, who gets out.

Azraq Camp 2









Our trainers, they can leave, they have the freedom to choose where and when they travel.  Such a simple question from a nine-year old child.

How do we explain that the funding has run out?

She cried as she said goodbye to her friend, her coach, her mentor.  Goodbye to the space that for 20 weeks she had come to; to play, to sing, do cartwheels and handstands. Goodbye to her hour of losing her identify as a refugee, and becoming a child who is playing capoeira with her friends.

N.B Capoeira4Refugees has been working in Azraq Refugee Camp since 2014.  Azraq Refugee Camp consists of lots of different villages and sometimes we cannot stay working in the same location in the Camp. This is because we are usually contracted by a larger organisation that gives us security clearance, and access to their community centre, for a specific amount of time only. 


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