While the world marvels at the success of Team Refugees

There is much to celebrate with the conclusion of the olympics, where once again the world has come together in celebration of sport.

Standing ovations at the Rio de Janeiro olympics opening ceremony signified the start of three weeks of well-deserved uproar surrounding the ten people who made history as members of the first-ever refugee olympic team. This year, the inclusion of #TeamRefugees has brought about an increased awareness of the global refugee crisis.

“This team has captured the world’s attention and in a short period of time, changed the conversation about refugees,” said UNCR deputy chief Kelly T. Clements in a statement of optimism for the future. In short, #TeamRefugees has inspired the world.

While we cheered whole-heartedly for #TeamRefugees, we must also remember that millions of refugees have fled their homes and countries. Hundreds of thousands are living in refugee camps. Many more are living in communities and finding it very difficult to support themselves and/or their families.

At Capoeria4Refugees, we are working hard to help many refugees in need. By incorporating music, sport and play in communities and refugee camps, we are finding ways to be a source of encouragement for many in need.

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