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Capoeira Changemakers Hub

The Capoeira Changemakers Hub (CCH) is one of C4R’s core areas, which essentially maps and formalises the Capoeira for Development Sector around the world. Both an online networking and a resource sharing space, this platform aims to amplifies the impact of capoeira social projects globally.

The map and platform will be used:

  • As a planning tool to help investment decisions and priorities in the future
  • To help CCH organisations to explore potential partnerships and collaborations and to help gauge the potential for scaling up delivery and impact
  • Provide evidence of interventions to help raise the profile of Capoeira
  • Provide a space to connect Capoeira to the wider sports for development sector.

When you join you can expect:

  • Visibility on the C4R platform along with key information that describes your project
  • Access to C4R’s extensive network where you can be connected to partner organisations
  • Marketing support to help your promote your project via our social media channels, newsletters, and website
  • Access to C4R’s guidelines and knowledge base that can benefit social capoeira projects.
  • Eligibility to apply for the Capoeira Grassroots Award Programme – once you are on the hub, you will be eligible to apply for the Changemaker Fellowship programme

In order to get listed on the changemakers Hub please send us an email including three pictures and (if you have) links to your project.

We will arrange a call with you and take care of the paperwork:) !

Capoeira Changemakers Award – Fellowship Programme

Inspired by amazing people who use capoeira to help their communities, we decided to find a way to help them make their projects extraordinary.  Through our Changemaker Award we support talented individuals to build their skill sets and global networks so they can amplify change in their own communities.

The fellowship programme, which has been piloted for the past two years, aims to support local capoeira trainers with mentoring, training, financial support, and network referrals so they can continue, expand, and sustain their own social capoeira projects in their communities.

The application is painless and straight forward, applicants will only need a smart phone in order to apply. We are using digital solutions to connect our Changemakers directly to an eco-system of support. Notice: we did not say donors. We said eco system of support. Because that is what the network is about. It is a Changemakers’ network where everyone involved is able to help. We have created a model of working with youth that leverages the power of the digital era to work meaningfully at a highly local level whilst achieving scale through a network.

In addition to financial support, fellows will also go through a specific suite of training courses where they you get accredited (certificated) in for examples areas like psychosocial support; access to mestres and incredible volunteers, and of course people who can fund your project.

Meet the Changemakers

We believe that music, sport & play are extremely powerful tools to inspire individuals, bring communities together, and ultimately change the world. Our programs are specifically designed to help young people deal with the impacts of conflict, as well as build life skills and better futures for themselves, their families, and their communities.

We cannot do this alone and we know that our work cannot continue unless we send the lift back down. This is why we are very excited to announce that we will be officially launching the second phase of the C4R Grassroots Changemaker Programme in early 2018. The initiative was originally designed to train up the next generation of Capoeiristas who are active in ‘using Capoeira’ and have a track records in supporting vulnerable children and youth affected by the Syrian crises or who are working with Palestinian refugees.  

C4R aims to expand the phase two Award opportunity to many more trainers in other countries. We look forward to working with you and support your amazing work!