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Capoeira Terranossa


Capoeira Terranossa: Proyecto Social Primavera


Bogota, Colombia


Development of youth and children that are in vulnerable condition that live in the peripheral areas of Bogota.


The use of capoeira as an empowerment tool, starting with their own body and then reaching collective empowerment.

Terranosa is a group that has been working for around 6 years in Colombia. Their work focuses on developing social processes in vulnerable and high-risk areas for children and young people, managing spaces with other community processes for the development of classes.

The social work that Terranossa develops is very important for the peripheral communities of the city, because they provide an opportunity for children and young people to develop their collective capacities, at the same time that they combat the social inequalities that appear in their territory and the negative values as egoism, individualism, disrespect and asocial thoughts. In this way, capoeira is used as a space for everyone to meet, share experiences, fears and challenges and build communities based on equity, love and peace.

The Terranosa group focuses on generating processes of empowerment, such as the appropriation of the body and treats it as a sacred territory that needs to be cultivated with respect and good habits. After presenting this concept, they are extended to the recognition of colleagues and to the exchange to build a community based on respect and communication.



Marginalised communities


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TerranossaColombia/