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Proyecto Casa Quilombo


Proyecto Casa Quilombo


Ecuador, Quito


Proyecto Casa Quilombo aims to create a permanent spacefor Capoeira Angola, which serves as the basis for the generation of social and cultural projects with a focus on human development and group facilitation.


The ACANNE – EC Foundation, with the different projects and spaces that have been opened for the development of Capoeira Angola, has positioned itself as the first and only social capoeira project, training more than 1500 young people throughout the 17 years. In addition, as an important part in the formation, practice and tradition of Capoeira Angola, four international events have been held with the presence of their Mestre Renè Betancourt. Finally, with Capoeira Angola and other accompanying tools such as Gestalt psychotherapy, social projects have been developed to prevent risk behaviors with young people.


Marginalised communities


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ACANNE.Ecuador/