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Projeto Kirimurê


Projeto Kirimurê


Alto da Bela Vista, Itapuã, Brazil


The aim of Projeto Kirimurê is to provide the highest quality and lasting experience for Kirimurê participants in proportion to their limited funds. They target younger children in order influence them positively from an earlier age. Older children who have grown in the program are now assisting classes and giving continuity to the program, thus benefitting as well in their new capacities as role models while gaining experiences that will present them with opportunities in the future.


Projeto Kirimurê provides a safe and nurturing space to minimize the time children spend on the street, as well as provides developmental tools to complement the limited formal education they may get. Through the practice of Capoeira, Projeto Kirimurê opens a dialogue with the children about who they are, why they are special, where they come from, and how to find positive solutions to seemingly impossible problems. As the children learn the game of Capoeira, its music, history and philosophy, they are developing physical and emotional strength, discovering their roots, and building self-esteem and character.

Literacy classes, homework help, psychological attendance, workshops in health and environmental education, traditional arts and crafts, as well as field trips to cultural and educational events are also offered. Moreover, children receive a nutritious daily snack and celebrate many holidays and special occasions together. Families are involved as much as possible, including through the coordination of an active mothers association AMABEL (Associação de Mães de Bela Vista de Itapuã).


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