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Makani ‘My Space’ Zaatri Camp

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Makani ‘My Space’


Makani Center, Za’atari Refugee Camp, District 8


The Makani Center in Za’atari refugee camp holds one of Relief International’s Innovation Labs, that aims to leverage the potential of youth in these uncertain and transitional circumstances. A selected group of 25 young males are encouraged to use social innovation within the camp environment to solve social issues, using Relief International’s resources.

These students are given a social capoeira class weekly that aims to foster a strong community of trust and teamwork. Using physical activity, games and capoeira conventions, this program encourages a safe space where these students can think for themselves and engage in a productive dialogue.


This two month project will begin to open students minds to new methods of critical thinking and to the connection between physical well-being and mental well-being. Using games, play, movements and music, these classes foster a positive energy that helps release stress, allow the students to focus on bodily movement and therefore reduce the impact of social expectations and pressures.

These students have quickly obtained a passion for capoeira, seeing it as a new way of thinking and recognising its benefits for self-confidence and teamwork.


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