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Jogo Aberto with Gol de Letra


Jogo Aberto


Vila Albertina, São Paolo, Brazil


Jogo Aberto, or “Open Game” in Vila Albertina hosts 15 different sport programs, including capoeira, futsal, skate, tchoukball, volleyball in Vila Albertina, a district located in the north of São Paulo. Jogo Aberto serves teenagers and young people from 8 to 20 years old via sports and educational activities in 7 different locations, including Fundacão Gol de Letra’s Headquarters, as well as 5 public schools in the region.


Jogo Aberto’s impact on the region of Vila Albertina has been so strong that the program has grown significantly by the demands of the community. It has added capoeira, gymnastics, running and hiking for adults, as well as a hiking group for young children. Skating, the most recent addition, was so successful that it now has its own place within the regularly scheduled programs. Jogo Aberto also hosts annual Family Days, where children, teenagers, and adults can come play and participate in sport together.

“I really liked joining the capoeira group. I always wanted to do it, but I only made my mind about it this year. I am fascinated, I think that it adds big values every day! Each movement has its fundament and carries a very rich history, which is not very much commented nowadays. Despite some difficulties, I never considered giving up, on the contrary, I faced the obstacles. That, thanks to our educator, who, besides teaching capoeira, taught us the importance of respecting and caring for people near us, this knowledge we will carry with us for the rest of our lives,” says Karen Nayara S. Silva, 14 years of age. She has practiced capoeira for 6 months now.


#Marginalised Communities


Email: midiassociais@goldeletra.org.br
Website: http://goldeletra.org.br/relatorios/r2015_eng/open-game-sp.html
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FundacaoGolDeLetra/

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