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Irbid host community










Irbid host community


Irbid, Jordan


This program targets the Syrian refugee community in Irbid, an area in North Jordan close to the Syrian border, and to Dara’a, where many of these refugees came from. Irbid hosts 136,000 Syrian refugees, according to the UNHCR. Around 85% of Syrian refugees live in host communities rather than formal refugee camps, with most living below the poverty line.

This program uses social capoeira as a form of psychosocial support for Syrian refugee youth. Around 25 male and female youth attend these classes regularly.


The girls learn basic capoeira movements, play games and dance, building a community among themselves. They are so passionate about the music that they research new songs to learn at home, and have started leading songs by themselves.

The young men are advancing in their capoeira movements and physical abilities. Social capoeira training helps them to release stress, focus and play in a space where they are free to be themselves


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