Independencia Capoeira Social


Independencia Capoeira Social


Jose Leon Suarez, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Independencia Capoeira Social started as an art workshop in 2010 in the municipality of San Martin. After a few months, the project was forced to change locations, and training continued in public square nearby. The children were very enthusiastic, and when a space was secured to develop activities, both children and parents alike attended classes.

Classes are for vulnerable children living in the Independencia, an underserved neighborhood of Jose Leon Suarez. The goal of Independencia Capoeira Social is to keep kids off the streets and back into schools or jobs. They use capoeira as a tool to teach values ​​such as responsibility, honesty, commitment, and as a tool for drug and addiction prevention.

There are a variety of students attending, both boys and girls, ages 6-23. There is a is a group of mothers who remain active as well.


The project is run by leader Jose Aguilera, as well as older and more experienced students assisting and teaching classes in different places. The project sustains itself through different fundraising activities such as selling raffle tickets, or homemade cookies that are sold at a local fair.

“The great achievement that we have is that most are studying again and some work and study
among other things. In a tournament we held a few months ago we won two first places in beginners and advanced categories and second in beginners.”


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