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Female only class in Ruwaad, Amman

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Capoeira4Refugees in collaboration with Ruwwad


Jabal Nathif, East Amman


This program targets women of all ages to create a safe space where they can come with their children, sisters, mothers and grandmothers, and enjoy some playful exercise.

Social capoeira seeks to undo some of the gender imbalances that restrict women’s mobility in Amman. These classes give women a space to exercise and discover a new artform with all the cultural aspects which come with that, including Portuguese songs and foreign instruments.


One of these students, a young woman who joined these classes with her mother at the beginning of the program almost two years ago, was particularly passionate about capoeira. She trained hard and was enthusiastic about learning everything about capoeira. She is now one of Capoeira4refugees’ full-time employed trainers. Dania is now providing social capoeira lessons in refugee camps and host communities across Jordan. She is learning about psychosocial support, child protection issues, and gaining experience in the humanitarian sector.


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