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Escuela Municipal de Capoeira Social


Escuela Municipal de Capoeira Social


Buenos Aires, Argentina


They work with children, youth, their families and the community of San Isidro in the Bajo Boulogne in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


It focuses in the teaching and training of a discipline that has as basic objectives: the development of physical skills and movement of the body, music and philosophy with broad foundations in values. The fact that it is an intense physical activity generates the promotion of well-being. It takes in consideration the physical, mental and spiritual areas to maintain a healthy life.

It is necessary to follow different components of Capoeira to offer the students not only the discipline in an integral way but also the specific specialization in each one of its components, in different stages and according to their interests: Martial Art as itself, the deployment of its dance, acrobatics as an alternative way of development, the learning of music and song related to the discipline, the manufacture of Instruments and the Portuguese language.

The work modality aims to promote and integrate a collective in social Capoeira, that is, a step beyond the practices that are currently being carried out in capoeira schools in other local areas. Installing in San Isidro a modality that is developed through a more basic work experience but with the possibility of training people to be multipliers so they can lead and replicate these processes in different areas. The practice that we have developed in these six years has given us the possibility of expanding every day the number of people who are part of the Capoeira Social project in San Isidro and San Martín.


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