News on our organisational development

C4R moves towards a network model which allows us to support local youth and their communities – get rid of the #RedTape in the development sector. This is a strategy we put in place years ago but living in war zones made it impossible to think beyond daily crises (sexual abuse, no money, bombings) and getting the job done. There was no time to develop networks. Now between London and Berlin, we have the opportunity to reflect and think and develop the Charity.

As part of this, we have a set up an office in Berlin and have launched an informal education programme that supports trainers and their projects directly – called the Capoeira Changemakers Programme. So, we continue to support trainers based across the Middle East, now in Europe and beyond.

Development: C4R is currently reviewing its Awards Programme and investing in infrastructure including its communications policy. Additionally, the communications policy is part of training on media outreach, stressing the importance of child protection and media ethics.

Technology: C4R founders are also proud to launch FrontlineAid (Germany) WebApp – to supports C4R’s onboarding, monitoring and evaluation, task management and more. This tool allows capoeira projects to be monitored remotely and give efficient hands-on and $$ support to the work local Changemakers do.

Meet our Changemakers

Capoeira Changemakers Programme Fellowship

#IamAChangemaker Award: 1st August – Ongoing

As part of the launch of the new Capoeira Changemakers Programme we developed a campaign to help people go through the application process.

Media created included videos on how to apply, as well as transparently outlining the application process on our website.

Meet the Changemakers Awardees 

Media coverage

Robert Bosch Stiftung visit and article THE DANCE OF LIBERATION


Article about INNOVATORS IN MONITORING, EVALUATION AND LEARNING (MEAL) on Action sports for development and peace

Media / Awards

Capoeira4Refugees has been widely represented on a variety of different platforms through international media, awards, and conferences.  The below is a sample of the type of coverage that C4R receives.

Check out all C4R Media Coverage – stored on Delicious



We want to generate impact far beyond the delivery of our own projects by helping unleash the power of capoeira on a global scale.
To do this we are launching a resource hub that will openly share our experience of how to work in difficult cultural settings, in the midst of war and conflict, by connecting the global capoeira community, and advance our shared goals of developing capoeira as a positive tool for vulnerable communities.

By creating a network through the hub we can mobilise our supporter base to magnify the impact of capoeira community projects as a whole. This will make it easier to source funding, resources, and support – for everyone.

Initially we will:

  • Create a unique database of at least 100 capoeira community projects across the globe; connecting them with one another, where volunteers/potential donors can then go and support.
  • Share research, training videos, methods, and best practice
  • Will give the opportunity to apply for #IamAChangemaker Award

Original Reserach

Capoeira has a proven impact in helping vulnerable communities.  Use this research to help you justify the outcomes and impact of your social project.

From 2013 to 2015, Capoeira4Refugees, in collaboration with the University of East London, participated in a two-year field study of the effects of capoeira on refugee children and youth in Palestine and Syria. Authored by Dr Kathryn Kraft and Hannah Prytherch. C4R_Psychosocial Impact of Capoeira4Refugee children and youth | Click here to read the Synopsis.

Capoeira Songs for vulnuerable kids

Do you want to tackle issues such as solving conflicts without using violence? What is the place of girls and women in society?  Or how does capoeira’s history and search for freedom relate to our own challenges in modern society?  These songs are a tool to help open up these conversations. Do you have Songs and/or Stories which you think we should discuss with the Students? We love to hear from you!

Click below to download:

As vezes me chaman de negro

Dona Maria do Camboatá

Marinheiro so


Vai voce

Measuring your Capoeira Impact

How to raise money

Note: We will continue to develop this page and hopefully soon we will be able to share more advice, and templates you can use to promote your Capoeira project.

A good start would be if you could think about these three questions.

What makes someone want to give money to your project?

There are many ways but some quick take-aways are:

  1. Explain your project in one compelling sentence. Anyone should easily understand what you are trying to do.
  2. Record a 1:30min Video and share your story!
  3. Make a list of people you think could invest in your project or could help you find other people who can. Track your network. Your network will be key to your success.

Can you Bootstrap and do you have a long breath?

There is a very good book we would like to recommend. “The art of the start” from Guy Kawasaki. Get it, read it..!

A lot of the time it will be you (or one of your team members) whose personal relationships will bring in support for your Project.

Many times you may have a brilliant project, but if you can’t share why your Project is great, it is really difficult to get support.  You don’t even have to be a great writer, having a strong presence on the web, using social media, sharing pictures and videos will all help you raise money.  Money that will help you create a better world.

Best Practice

This is work in progress… Capoeira4Refugees, along with fellow NGOs, has done significant work around advocacy and the Best Practice consultation to ensure that Capoeira’ voices are heard. We want to share here templates, databases, and advice you could use especially tailored for the context of Capoeira. We are on it!

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