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In a world that is increasingly divided, even as it becomes more and more connected we need to have powerful solutions to create communities, to create movements, that can innovate transformational social change.

Refugees, young people impacted by conflict, face a complex integration of social issues: poverty, mental health, lack of access to quality healthcare, education or a future, leading them to seek radical solutions to their daily trials.

Through sport and the artform of capoeira we have an innovative tool that attracts a generation left by the wayside. Through this tool, itself built by slaves who were desperate to have a way of expressing their own anguish, we can speak to this ‘lost’ generation.

C4R is more than a Charity, we are a community of believers, experts, dreamers, doers, innovaters, and risk takers. It is through this growing community that we are able to effect measurable, and powerful social change, to concretely transform the lives of the most vulnerable amongst us.
– Ummul Choudhury, Chief Executive Officer

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