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Capoeira4refugees tests new tech platform in former ISIS HQ in partnership with UN Habitat to combine dynamic research through real-time support to help rebuild devastated Syrian infrastructure

Berlin, Germany (14th September 2019) – Capoeira4refugees (C4R), an award-winning Syrian born charity is reinforcing existing community networks in Al Raqqa and to identify local & community priorities and to deliver on activities that are top priorities.

Tarek Alsaleh, Founder of C4R “There is a huge problem with supporting local people as we don’t know what is happening on the ground. Through this platform we can make sure that everyone can see the how, the why, and where all the money is going. ”

We gave 146 billion dollars in aid last year.  Let’s feel good about that.

The Problem is, we gave less than one per cent of that money to local initiatives. Smaller local initiatives they keep struggling – day by day – to survive.

Small, local initiatives and organizations in crisis regions face 3 fundamental challenges:

1) The bureaucracy of applications and accounting (too much effort),

2) lack of trust (not enough information),

3) lack of visibility (unknown)

It means that Amr, who is running a sports project (link) with 200 children in Al Raqqa in Syria, can’t receive donor money quickly for his project.

Raqqa is an area which was liberated from ISIS almost two years ago, but 30% of the city is still totally destroyed. The community consists of internally displaced people and those affected by a prolonged war (food shortages, disrupted education, trauma and mental health issues).

A traditional model would see that Amr receives donor money through an international organisation that reports back to their donors about the project and markets its own brand to its supporters. This might include a lot of RedTape and bureaucracy.

We are designing with our partner FrontlineAid a platform to change this! We’ve put Amr into the driving seat, with his mobile phone.

Using only his thumbs he can automatically generate all the data and INSPIRATION that everybody needs. How many children he has in his classes, pictures, tasks/milestones, his goals and more.

His real time dashboard visualises GPS and timestamps data = as soon as an internet connection becomes available = and produce a real-time overview of the project = that is owned by Amr – not our organisation

For supporters, we will be able to have personalised connections, receive constant updates on projects and can work collaboratively on tasks in no time.

FrontlineAid aggregates data so that we can follow trends and give needs-based support to Changemakers so they can spend their time doing good, instead of managing paperwork.

We’ve put the tools at your fingertips and seek support to develop the platform to have more $$ available to Changemakers in Al Raqqa and connect them to supporters who also believe that local initiatives are more efficient and effective at addressing their own challenges.

Frontline Aid will deliver on the platform, providing the IT expertise that is required for the development of the platform. Capoeira4Refugees will provide the routes to local changemakers, partners, and ensure oversight and management of the Project. The Project is in partnership with UN Habitat.

Capoeira4Refugees is an award-winning NGO using sport, music and play to support refugees and conflict impacted young people. It has been supporting community leaders in Syria, since 2007.  Amr Berzawi who set-up the original project in former ISIS headquarters, Al Raqqa, in 2012, will help to mentor community leaders and research top priorities within the communities. Together, they will be working with over 500 traumatised children and their families.

FrontlineAid provides advice and tech solutions to meet actual needs in the real world and to make it easy for locals to connect to supporters like us. Faid has a particular focus on using innovative tech and sustainable development thinking to realize change at the local level in war and conflict settings.  

UN-Habitat is the United Nations programme working towards a better urban future. Its mission is to promote socially and environmentally sustainable human settlements development and the achievement of adequate shelter for all.

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Email: hello@capoeira4refugees.org