Brasil Without Barriers


Brasil Without Barriers


Salvador, Bahia, Brazil


Brasil Without Borders aims to break down the barriers of social and educational change in Brazil by strengthening community-based organizations that educate and empower, providing opportunities, tools, and resources, supporting community leadership, mentoring, and teacher training, preserving Afro-Brazilian arts and culture, and facilitating global awareness, cultural exchanges and collaborations


ABCR offers free classes for children and adults in computer literacy, basketball, capoeira, traditional Afro-Brazilian embroidery, and homework tutoring. At various times throughout the year, ABCR offers other classes such as guitar, arts and crafts, and more. Since they opened their doors in May 2009, they’ve maintained an average of 80-100 students registered for their classes, over 80% of them are young children under 15 years old. ABCR does more than offer free classes.

Throughout the year, ABCR volunteers teach women arts and crafts and/or embroidery, a marketable skill they can use to supplement or create an income. The specific style of traditional African embroidery-needlework that they teach is very popular in Bahia as decoration for dresses, scarves, and household items like napkins and tablecloths. It is always made by hand. Adult and children both learn to make various types of handicrafts that can be sold to locals and tourists.


Children and Youth development


Website: http://www.brazilwithoutbarriers.org/home.html
Email: brazilwithoutbarriers@yahoo.com

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