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CEO Ramadan Message

  I was in Syria in 2009, and celebrated my first Middle Eastern Ramadan there, and my last, most probably, in the Damascus that I knew.  My next Middle Eastern Ramadan was in Palestine, where we were working in refugee camps across the West Bank and in East Jerusalem.  I saw people dressed in their […]

PRESS RELEASE Announcing 4 New GrassrootsAward Winners: Jordanian, Palestinian, Syrian

PRESS RELEASE Announcing 4 New GrassrootsAward Winners: Jordanian, Palestinian, Syrian The Grassroots Award supports local youth community projects using sport and cultural activities to create positive social change in hard to reach, marginalised and refugee communities.  Dania Abu Halima, Abed Abu Garbia, Abdullah Berzawi, and Ahmed Shweiki have won an exciting new Award to help them grow […]