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Capoeira Onda

Project Capoeira Onda Location Santa Fe, Argentina Target The main objective of the project is to develop a practice of capoeira’s art that contributes to the inclusion of social classes, genders / sexualities, ages, abilities / disabilities, ethnicities / races. Impact The focus of our project exceeds capoeira as a mere sport practice. From a […]

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Peru Capoeira

Project Peru Capoeira   Location Lima, Peru   Target Collaborating to professionalize the concept of Capoeira to society, focusing on a gradual process that begins with the help and inclusion of at-risk youth (vulnerable areas, schools and juvenile centers)   Impact Using the multiple aspects of Capoeira to carry out sustainable social projects that accompany […]


Meet Åsa, Changemaker fellow; Sweden

First steps in the art of Capoeira Åsa first started Capoeira 30 years ago with a well-known Capoeira master Peixinho, with Grupo Senzala in Amsterdam in 1987. ”It gave me such a good feeling to to do the movements and I knew that I found my passion.” Åsa continued to train in Capoeira but  with […]