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Capoeira Auroville

Project Capoeira Auroville Location India, Auroville Target The main goal of auroville capoeira is to broaden its scope of action, which involves educating as many villagers as possible, encouraging them to graduate as coaches or teachers, promote the outstanding Auroville Capoeira’s economic model alongside its values and virtues, and expand the ripple in neighbouring villages. […]

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Association Capoeira Benin

Project Association Capoeira Benin Location Benin Target Association Capoeira’s founder Fassassi believes that Capoeira originates from Benin’s traditional martial arts and was taken to Brazil with people chained from Benin. Mind-building and confidence-strengthening in the local culture is thus the focus of Association Capoeira Benin. A great number of their students are orphans from a […]

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Int Union of Capoeira Angola Peru-Pakistan (IUCAPP)

Project International Union of Capoeira Angola Peru-Pakistan Location Peru and Pakistan Target Vulnerable populations and youth Impact Since December 2016, Amar Latif, fellow in the 2017 Changemakers programme, has been organizing IUCAPP’s activities and plans.   The project is focused on two closely connected objectives: 1.) catalysing a Capoeira Angola community in Peru and Pakistan […]


Expression Culturelle de la Capoeira Madagascar (ECCM)

Project Expression Culturelle de la Capoeira Madagascar (ECCM) Location Taoumassina, Madagascar Target ECCM aims to support the vulnerable communities of Taoumassina through teaching Capoeira. Impact Promoting the social values and educational virtues of capoeira, and moreover, to advocate it as an inclusive way to make the world a better place.   Topics Marginalised communities   […]

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Capoeira Terranossa

Project Capoeira Terranossa: Proyecto Social Primavera Location Bogota, Colombia Target Development of youth and children that are in vulnerable condition that live in the peripheral areas of Bogota. Impact The use of capoeira as an empowerment tool, starting with their own body and then reaching collective empowerment. Terranosa is a group that has been working […]