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Volunteer’s Diary: Classes in the Refugee Camps in Palestine

A volunteer’s experience of refugee camp life in Palestine – first impressions of the kids classes, the difficulties faced in everyday situations and hopes for the future. The highs and lows of everyday life magnified in this troubled but beautiful nation. “The house where we were staying was very close to Amari refugee camp, one […]

Girls Stronger Than a Bridge

There is a move in capoeira called ‘ponte’, which is Portuguese for ‘bridge’ – it consists in pushing on hands and feet, stomach facing upwards to keep the back arched. It requires strength, but also balance and control. “Any time, everywhere, all girls have to be stronger than the bridge,” says Renim, 18, one of […]

Tarek Live in The Hague: “Counter hate, free your mind”

Can sport, dance and play really be strong enough to counter hate? Tarek: “Peace starts with having the freedom of mind to see things differently.” Read Tarek’s Hague Talk or  watch it on YouTube and get inspired! “A few days ago I was driving into Azraq refugee camp built for over 130,000 refugees in the middle of the […]

“In Capoeira I forget the war”

For 8 year old Aisha the excitement for Capoeira starts way before the training and fills her day with a thrill of anticipation. Another example of the startling effect that the classes have in building hope for kids in conflict zones. ‘When there’s a Capoeira class I wait for it the whole day and count […]

Capoeira Workshops in Zaatari Refugee Camp Jordan

“I can’t wait to introduce the children of Zaatari camp to capoeira and give them a place to play and express their frustrations in a safe and healthy way.” This is what Tarek Alsaleh, Founder of Capoeira4Refugees, said when he first came to teach capoeira workshops in Zaatari Refugee Camp, Jordan. After these first workshops […]

The Syrian Revolution

The Syrian war began in 2011. It brought tragedy and hardship to this wonderful country and it’s people. We were forced to leave Syria.. but some continued… In spite of the recent unrest in Syria, many of our classes continue, staffed entirely by our local trainers.
 This model for Capoeira Social Enterprise continues to offer […]