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As we come to the end of 2017, I’ve been reflecting on the idea of generosity of spirit. To work in an NGO in war zones and areas of conflict, tests our ability to be the best of who we are. Daily, we are faced with much of the worst of humanity. Reading the Charter […]

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FICA Capoeira Angola Stockholm

Project FICA Capoeira Angola Stockholm Location Stockholm, Sweden Target A majority immigrant community in Stockholm Impact Asa has been practicing Capoeira and training students in Capoeira for over 30 years in Sweden. She has spent significant time in Brazil practicing and learning Capoeira. There, she trained street children and children at the academy in the […]

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Capoerê by the Association Filhos de Bimba

Project Capoerê by the Association Filhos de Bimba Location Beirut, Lebanon Target Underprivileged young Lebanon people, girls living in an orphanage Timeline/milestones Where we are now Association Filhos de Bimba – Lebanon is working jointly with Fight For Peace (UK) on the organization’s strategic plan. So far they have done the following: 1- SWOT Analysis […]

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Capoeira Angola and Social Inclusion

This project is designed to articulate ties and meetings between public and private organizations and grassroots organizations in the city of Buenos Aires, and to consolidate territorial networks of cooperation to generate knowledge and achieve advocacy in public policies to provide real opportunities for the social reintegration of the vulnerable and excluded population. Project Capoeira […]