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Aluaiê Capoeira: The Afro-Brazilian Arts & Cultural Exchange Institute


Aluaiê Capoeira: The Afro-Brazilian Arts & Cultural Exchange Institute


London, Essex, Sussex & Kent, U.K.


The Afro-Brazilian Arts & Cultural Exchange Institute is a charity based at the heart of London, which objective is to promote and to use Capoeira and Afro-Brazilian Arts to improve the life of the members of the community.Their projects include a Children’s Project, Parent & Children Project, Young people’s Project (11 to 17 years old), Special Needs Children’s Project, Vulnerable Adults Integration Project, Partially or totally visually impaired.


Capoeira Kids Classes at the Afro-Brazilian Arts & Cultural Exchange Institute are open to younger children and their parents. This way, children get a better sense of maintaining closeness, developing family unity, strengthening the degree of trust and bonding between each other, and improving the quality of life of the family as one. Their classes solely for children, aged 3-12, open them to interacting with each other, growing and learning Capoeira in a safe, nurturing and positive environment.

Children have the opportunity to develop their own style, to learn and be challenged by the movements passed on to them. Teachers encourage kids to interact with each other in singing and instrument playing. This course invites children to discover, explore and learn the beauty and mysteries of the Brazilian culture. But most of all, our Capoeira classes are based on having fun, as a mediator for learning.


Children and youth development


Email: community@culturalexchange.org.uk
Website: http://culturalexchange.org.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MestrandoJ

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