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Abada Capoeira La Paz


La Paz, Bolivia


Provide access to the knowledge and benefits of capoeira and use this as an inclusion / training tool for good citizens, which in the future will be leaders and community leaders.


It was established in Bolivia in 2009 by initiating work with the CEIFMA “Centro Educativo Integral Félix Méndez Arcos” as an activity for children and adolescents who, due to their vulnerability and exclusion from society, had psychological problems of low self-esteem that reflected their low school performance reaching desertion or school dropout, apart from always being involved in fights between their peers. The arrival of capoeira to CEIFMA had a very positive response and great acceptance in a short time. Rules and rules of conduct were implemented to be a participant in the classes in which we saw:

• Academic performance at school
• Personal hygiene
• Behavior with the community
• Performance in training

Thanks to that intervention today we have young scholars in the music conservatory, also the case of a young man who plays in the Corintias football team in Sao Paulo in a minor division and continues to train capoeira. Many of the young people of the 2009-generation are parents already, some attend classes depending on their possibilities, they have achieved more than stable life.



Marginalised communities


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