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Projeto Cantigas e Brincadeiras de Roda


Capoeira Cameleão


Pato Branco, Parana, Brazil


In 2014, the group Capoeira Cameleão started the project Projeto Cantigas e Brincadeiras de Roda in the Cristo Rei neighborhood of Pato Branco. The project provides free capoeira class to children between the ages of five and eleven. The project is maintained from a partnership between Capoeira Cameleão Group in Pato Branco and Academia ACCC ad Mercado Econômico.
The classes, which have been taking place three times a week for three years, include recreational activities, folk dances, instrument practice and music, as well as the movement of capoeira. However, learning goes far beyond theory and practice of the art. According to Agnaldo Luiz Rampanelli, coordinator of the project, students are also taught important values, such as discipline and the importance of education.


The project began with eight children and today has approximately 50 regular participants. According to teacher Diego Drudi Sanches, students who have been participating for even one year have significantly improved their motor skills and flexibility.


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