Lauren has a degree in Politics (BA) from SOAS and Middle Eastern Studies (MPhil) from the University of Oxford, and moved to Jordan in 2016 to improve her Arabic at Qasid Institute on a CBRL-funded scholarship. She has lived and worked in Palestine and Lebanon also, studying Arabic and conducting ethnographic fieldwork. She has been training capoeira for over four years, with groups in London, Palestine, Rome and Oxford. While in Palestine, Lauren helped set up the Ramallah-based Capoeira Freedom Collective, a group aiming to bring capoeira to the West Bank, to host international exchanges through a tour of Palestine, and raise money to support this collaborative art in Palestine. She assisting in the organisation of a capoeira tour in 2013 that brought capoeiristas from across the world to Palestine as an educative experience and cultural exchange. This rewarding experience encouraged her to continue to work with social capoeira projects among conflict-ridden societies.