Fernand is a former international athlete (high jumper) and is a graduate of management, engineering, and sports trainer and is now pursuing a graduate programme in commercial territorial development of sports and leisure. After retiring from high jump international career, Fernand sought to pursue a career in administration and management within the area of sports, while continuing to advocate sports as an inclusive way to make the world a better place, empower communities, and teach the importance of living together along with other important values. This was his main motivation for wanting to the join the C4R team as a researcher to sustain and uphold his values and vision.

Fernand is a native of Cameroon, but has lived, worked, and studied in other parts of the world. He is fluent in a number of languages including Yemba, French, English, and German and has traveled throughout  Africa, Asia, and Europe.  

Fernand is an inspired conversationalist, especially when it comes to international relations and geopolitical affairs. He also enjoys playing football (although he is not as talented in that as he is in the high jump), singing, karaoke, and biking.