Jimmy is from the United States of America and was born in Texas.  He attended Texas State University, majored in Long-Term Health Care Administration, and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Professions.  After obtaining his Nursing Facility Administrator’s License, Jimmy worked as an Administrator in various healthcare and rehabilitation settings in Texas for many years.  He was well known for his ability to create and provide holistic (person-centered) care in otherwise sterile, institutional medical environments and was sought after as a guest speaker at numerous conferences.  At the end of 2008, Jimmy left his career in healthcare administration because of a desire to help at-risk and vulnerable children and families in Ethiopia.  In 2010, Jimmy and his wife, Rachel, and their 3 children (at the time) moved to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  In 2011, Jimmy and Rachel founded a U.S. non-profit (grassroots) organization best known for rehabilitating trafficked children and reuniting them with their families all over Ethiopia.  After living in Ethiopia for nearly 4 years and recruiting a staff of nationals to oversee their project, Jimmy, Rachel, and their (now) 4 children, motivated in part by the Syrian Civil War refugee crisis, moved to Amman and discovered there the Capoeira4Refugees team at the right place/time to further work with marginalized groups.  Jimmy loves living cross-culturally, is passionate about social justice solutions, enjoys being a husband and a father of 4, values the gift of laughter, believes in taking risks, and enjoys cooking for Rachel, his children, and friends as a therapeutic way to end the day.