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Social Capoeira Projects



Capoeira social projects happen all over the world. Most are run at the community based level, by passionate practitioners of the art-form.  This is a list of only some of these fantastic projects. There are many more out there. Do you run or know about a capoeira social project that should be listed here?

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Luta Pela Paz

Project Luta Pela Paz Location Rio de Janeiro Target Luta Pela Paz aims, through the use of their five pillars, to support young people and anable them to become “champions in life.” Their five pillars include boxing and martial…

Esporte em Açao

Project Instito Compartilhar Location Cidade Jardim - São José dos Pinhais / PR, Brazil Target Instito Compartilhar runs Social Sports Programs, composed of three projects in 42 communities, located in 21 cities and spread across…
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Projeto Cantigas e Brincadeiras de Roda

Project Capoeira Cameleão Location Pato Branco, Parana, Brazil Target In 2014, the group Capoeira Cameleão started the project Projeto Cantigas e Brincadeiras de Roda in the Cristo Rei neighborhood of Pato Branco. The project…

Projeto Sonho de Ferias

Project Católica de Santa Catarina Location Jaraguá do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil Target Every year in March, the Católica de Santa Catarina University in Jaraguá do Sul hosts Projeto Sonho de Ferias, an event promoted by…