Guidelines for the Fellowship Award


We’re looking for the x-factor in our candidates.  So, don’t worry if your application isn’t perfect.   If you have Changemaker axê, we’ll find it, we won’t box it, and you could still make it onto the Programme.

Note: C4R is looking  to expand and broaden the Award to teachers who work with vulnerable children globally.

You’ve made it this far, but have some questions and want to learn more about our grassroots fellowship programme. Then read on for answers to some frequently asked questions that we hope provides the details you are looking for.

Please also note that we will be giving webinars for early 2018 where we will provide a thorough overview on the programme history, purpose, process for applying, and answer any questions you still might have

Now onto the most popular questions and answers!

What is Capoeira4Refugees?

Capoeira4Refugees works with refugee communities and particularly traumatised children and youth using the Brazilian art/sport of capoeira to bring psychosocial benefits such as increased self-respect and reduced levels of violence. Capoeira4Refugees was founded in 2007 working with street children in Syria. C4R has been active in the West Bank, Palestine, since 2011, in Jordan since 2014 and helped projects to grow and to create structures of local ownerships also outside the middle east.

What is the Grassroots Fellowship Programme?

The fellowship programme, which has been piloted for the past two years, aims to support local capoeira trainers with mentoring, training, financial support, and network referrals so they can continue, expand, and sustain their own social capoeira projects in their communities.  The application is painless and straight forward, applicants will only need a smart phone in order to apply. We are using digital solutions to connect our Changemakers directly to an eco-system of support. Notice: we did not say donors. We said eco system of support. Because that is what the network is about. It is a Changemakers’ network where everyone involved is able to help.

We have created a model of working with youth that leverages the power of the digital era to work meaningfully at a highly local level whilst achieving scale through a network.

“I am interested, but what is involved in joining?
The process for joining is quite simple. Simply watch and follow the guidelines on the video (1:59min) link. 

Please attach and reach out to us either on Facebook or email us and we will get back to you to schedule a time to speak. This  process allows us to understand more about your project, your capacity, your needs, and general information so that we can make sure you are the right fit and then add you. This also allows you to become eligible to apply to the Changemaker Grassroots Fellowship programme.

What is the next phase of the Fellowship Programme?

Currently, we are reviewing the programme based on the learnings that we have collected from our current fellows (click here) for information about their stories). In phase 2, we will be relaunching the fellowship programme in early 2018, which will incorporate these learnings and feedback from Changemakers who took part in the pilot phase. The application process will open for all to apply.

How does the application process work?

When the application process is launched for you to apply, there are a number of steps required when applying, starting with the webinar that we will be communicating via social media.  Rest assured though, the application is being designed to be straight forward and simple, all you will need is a mobile phone, a paper, and pencil. Stay tuned for more details and please see below for an overview on the application process!










“What are we looking for in candidates?

We look for passionate people who are active in using and promoting capoeira to support vulnerable children and youth around the world. Your project and vision can be at any stage of development, but the important thing is that you are proactive, have a willingness to expand and grow your project, and be registered on the Capoeira Changemakers hub (see below for more information).

What are the types of profiles you look for?

Every applicant will be different and have a unique project, but the important things to consider are:

  • You have a great project and you need help to make it stand out and grow it in a gradual and slow manner.
  • You have a good idea how to get there, you know you want to grow your project, but certain pieces are missing and you need support and advice.
  • You know what you want, you already have concrete results and numbers, and want to expand your project.

What support will C4R provide fellows?

We will engage to finding out what you need, but there is a pattern of support which is frequently requested:

  • Marketing support throughout our network, including with the Brazilian government and other partners. Networking to access volunteers, potential partners and jobs
  • Showcasing and proving Impact (‘We’, C4R has developed a model ‘Most Significant Change’ with the East London University as well as an App which works on/offline/GPS stamped)
  • Access to trainings and training materials through C4R’s breadth of resources and knowledge
  • Mentoring and a curriculum of training including the above support as well specialist training on two areas specific to refugees and conflict zones i. child protection ii. psychological first aid
  • Start up support (based on your needs) to help to let you focus on your project directly to individual

What will be expected of me as a fellow?

We are here to support fellows, but this is not a free ride and we need you to inspire us so we can inspire others to get more fellows supported.  We require each fellow to:

  • We are here to support your own initiative, above all we need you to be proactive and show initiative.
  • Use our online app (which is GPS stamped and works on/offline) to submit quantitative attendance data to keep track of the numbers of children who are being reached.
  • Post compelling pictures and content on Instagram and tag C4R to help us promote the great work that you’re doing.
  • Manage your project development through our shared project management tool.
  • Provide regular updates to the C4R team.
  • Follow our curriculum in a thoughtful and timely manner

Lastly, the above generated information go directly to your page which we will share with our network to get more support.

How long does the fellowship last?

Ideally long term but the length of the partnership is very much depending on regular updates, using the tools we provide and the relationship we will create.

What is the Capoeira Global Hub?

Another core area of C4R’s strategic project is the Capoeira Global Hub, which is an online networking and resource sharing space that amplifies the impact of capoeira social projects globally. To be part of the hub has some You have to be

Why is the Capoeira4Refugees launching the Capoeira Global Hub?

We have been running social capoeira projects since 2007, and in that time, we’ve reached over 60,000 children. To really scale our work, we need to partner, and support other individual and groups with their work also. Together we can reach millions of vulnerable children worldwide. To be able to do this we need a platform that connects people and allows capoeira players to share information and leverage resources together.

Through the Hub we will also increase the credibility of capoeira as a tool for development, especially in the sport for development sector, helping to raise funds and support for capoeira projects around the world. The space created for dialogue and intercultural understanding will also support communities in helping to create inroads to rebuilding societies torn apart by conflict.

The Capoeira Hub is informed by Capoeira4Refugees learnings from working for over ten years in war zones. By creating a collaborative space where ideas, best practice and knowledge can be shared we strengthen projects using capoeira across the globe.

How does the capoeira global hub help people and organisations running capoeira social projects?

We are developing a number of different resources that will help promote and support projects. This includes the first database of social projects using capoeira. This database will help connect projects to research opportunities, practical cooperation and funding opportunities between different organisations, media opportunities, volunteer and other resource support. Based on our initial pilot phase of launching the database we have already had successes in the above-mentioned areas.

We are also sharing key resources that can help people running capoeira social projects to better understand how to develop their work. This includes materials on monitoring and evaluation, how to work with vulnerable communities, how to maintain and build capoeira instruments. These resources are delivered through a range of mediums including video, powerpoint and on-line real time calls.

I am interested, but what is involved in joining?

The process for joining is quite simple. The first step is completing our intake form where we ask you to fill information about your project including history, the impact that you have had to date, your capacity, and your needs. You can download the form here. You can also find examples of what a completed form looks like. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to fill everything out, just send us what you can and then we can arrange a time to speak over the phone to finalise the form. process allows us to understand more about your project, how we can support, and to make sure you are the right fit. This also allows you to become eligible to apply to the Changemaker Grassroots Fellowship programme. Once your form is complete, we can add you to our hub and welcome you to the community!

You can also reach out to us via Facebook or email us if you have questions about the form and how to apply.

What benefits can I expect when I add my project to the changemaker’s hub?

  • Visibility on the C4R platform along with key information that describes your project
  • Access to C4R’s extensive network where you can be connected to partner organisations
  • Marketing support to help your promote your project via our social media channels, newsletters, and website
  • Access to C4R’s guidelines and knowledge base that can benefit social capoeira projects.
  • Eligibility to apply for the Capoeira Grassroots Award Programme – once you are on the hub, you will be eligible to apply for the Changemaker Fellowship programme

 What are the expectations if my project joins the hub?

  • C4R intake form – a C4R team member will use this form to collect key information about your project, scope, capacity, needs, and vision, after which we will share it with you and add it to our site.
  • Bio and photos – We request a bio and photos showcasing your work that we can add to your profile on the Changemakers hub.
  • Keep us updated – To ensure that we have consistent updated information, we ask that you keep us updated on any changes to your organisation and profile, including change in focal point and location.
  • Tag C4R’s various social media – Follow and share C4R’s social media activities and tag C4R, when it applies:
    • Facebook – @Capoeira4Refugees
    • Twitter – @C4Refugees
    • Instagram – @capoeira4refugees



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