Eligibility for a Fellowship Award


We’re looking for the x-factor in our candidates.  So, don’t worry if your application isn’t perfect.   If you have Changemaker axê, we’ll find it, we won’t box it, and you could still make it onto the Programme.

What does long-term change in your community mean to you? And how do you want to get there? That is the conversation that we will have with you as part of the Award process. The Award itself is for you if you would like to expand your project through networking, awareness raising and if you would like to increase your knowledge in areas such as protection, life skills, and teaching. Based on your needs we will support you with a monthly stipend so that you have the ‘peace of mind’ to dedicate enough time to your project.

The Curriculum modules are tailored for capoeira trainers working in conflict-affected contexts and reinforce the importance of mainstreaming protection and gender.


  1. Individuals who are active in ‘using Capoeira’ to promote the above with track records in supporting vulnerable children and youth affected by the Syrian crises or who are working with Palestinian refugees.
  2. You must have the willingness to expand your project.
  3. You must be registered on the Capoeira Changemakers Hub (CCH). You haven’t done this already ? Send us your project information.

Note: C4R is locking to expand and broaden the Award to teachers who work with vulnerable children globally.




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